• Bronwen Thomas Landscape Architect provides a range of strategic planning studies relating primarily to landscape and visual aspects of the landscape on the national, regional and more local scale.

    Whatever the scale, the main objective is to define and evaluate the significance of landscape elements and qualities and thereby be able to devise strategies and proposals for their conservation and enhancement.

    The practice produces reports, mapping and studies that inform wider strategic planning for government agencies and local authorities, such as LANDMAP, the Countryside Council for Wales’ landscape assessment system. Having carried out work on the visual and sensory aspect for more than half of the twenty-five LANDMAP studies undertaken, Bronwen has considerable specialist expertise to offer and is well-placed to carry out related studies such as Special Landscape Area assessments.

    At the smaller scale, the practice focuses on strategies for historic country estates, villages and other communities and their environs, transport corridors, housing and industrial estates as well as specific elements and features within the landscape such as public access, interpretation, and open spaces and related design guidance. Increasingly community engagement and consultation are key elements of the process.